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Wellness Technique

More than Life Coaching

Do you have dreams that you are reaching for? Do you wish that you felt better? Would you like solutions now?

The Wellness Technique helps people who want to feel even more empowered, well, vibrant, and have a great Mindset. 

Learn simple and highly effective techniques to easily turn down your stress levels, and increase your ability to focus, create, motivate, feel great and much much more... 

Hi, my name is Indira Hnatiuk and I share self-help tools for feeling great in your mind, body and feelings. 

I do this by showing you how to access more of your inner resourcefulness, easily clear out blockages and help you to define your future goals. I also help you to update your self-healing systems that are working all the time. Clients report feeling better than they have done in years, with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Would some of these self-help Wellness Techniques be useful in your daily life?

Being able to...
  • Dissolving muscle Pain and Tension
  • ‘Turn down’ your Stress Levels in seconds
  • Get off stuck and get Productive
  • Training your Inner Critic
  • Writers Block
  • The Art of Letting Go - Easily
  • Organisation Ability
  • Dealing with the Doubt Monster
  • Prevent Procrastination 
  • Boost your Motivation, Will Power & Creativity
  • Clear blocks in your Self-Healing Systems
  • Increase your energy

And much, much more…
How do I get this? Individual sessions combine professional treatments with learning how to do some practical and highly effective self-treatments to boost your progress.

I don't live in Canberra can I still get treatments? Yes you can experience coaching with the Wellness Technique very effectively by phone or Skype :)

Do you do packages? Yes, click here for Conscious Wellness Package

Call Indira on 0466437857 to book your appointment :)

"Indira creates a warm, welcoming space where you feel completely safe to fully experience the healing and balancing she facilitates within your body on every level. I leave feeling energised and excited by the new possibilities and changes created within the session with Indira. I highly recommend a session, it can be life-changing!"
J Fitzgerald

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